Singaporean comfort food in the Philippines

The film Crazy Rich Asians stirred everyone’s fond memories for those who have visited Singapore. Besides the dazzling lights, cultural scenes and other tourist destinations, Singaporean cuisine is also one to the behold as it is a real fusion of different tastes.

Here in the Metro Manila, a few restaurants have been gaining popularity for offering Singaporean comfort food similar to that found in Hawker places. One joint I frequent is Bugis Singaporean Street Food located along N. Roxas Street near Banawe Avenue in Quezon City.

So much to try in this restaurant but I always get their popular Numnums which are actually assorted balls in sticks. Dipped in either sweet sauce, chili sauce, vinegar or curry sauce, these are absolutely delicious! If you prefer a spicy challenge, get their dynamite to get that fiery blast in your mouth.

I also like their steamboat, which is a clear broth based dish filled with vegetables, squid balls, fish cake, meat, vermicelli noodles and egg. You can with either order beef or seafood as your preferred meat.

You might want to call first before going because the store is always packed with people and parking is a bit of a challenge. Bon appetite!

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