Craving for Vietnamese Food

One of my favorite TV dramas is the TVN show called Taste Beyond Senses. The 2016 show is about a Korean blind girl who travels to Vietnam and gets initiated into the world of Vietnamese cuisine.

Everytime I get reminded of this show, I feel like splurging on Vietnamese cuisine. Fortunately, there’s a good restaurant along N.S. Amoranto Street in Quezon City for my cravings.

Tra Vihn serves authentic, good and healthy food enough to delight the senses.

Today I ordered my favorite Vietnamese pancake which is like a thin omelette stuffed with pork and bean sprout.

The interesting thing about this food is you wrap it in a bed of lettuce, mustard leaves, fresh basil and mint. Then you dip it in a specially prepared vinegar and patis sauce.

Indeed it is quite a taste beyond the senses!

A new coffee shop is in town

There’s a new store brewing along Quezon City and it’s along D. Tuazon Street.

Bo’s Coffee has set up shop at newly established Vivehub near N. S. Amoranto.

The new store is roomy and a lot cozier than most coffee shops I’ve been too (probably because it’s still relatively undiscovered).

Since coffee is not a good option for me during evenings, I got one of their loose leaf tea (roasted rice) and paired it with their signature carrot cake.

This store will surely be a good alternative to the usual coffee hangouts to people frequenting the Banawe area.